Poor Choice Of Reason To Leave


Last updated 9/14/2020 at 3:41pm

D.G. Martin’s column of Sept. 10 focuses on Mike Hawkins, Page Lemel and David Guice, the three Transylvania County Commissioners who resigned from the Republican Party, and changed their registration to Unaffiliated. I had no problem with their decision because I did the same thing approximately eight years ago, long before Donald Trump was a candidate for president. My reasons were entirely different than the commissioners mentioned above.

What this letter is about is the reasons for the change by the commissioners as described by Martin. President Trump is afflicted with that well-known disease called foot-in-the mouth disease. He is his own worst enemy with comments he makes almost every day. Out of all the crazy comments made by the resident, the commissioners chose one he made about the four congresswomen known as the “squad.” These congresswomen are arguably the most left-wing members of Congress, and criticism of their positions on a variety of issues have been made by many more public figures other than the president.

My problem with these congresswomen is that, not only are they far left-wing, they are also vehemently anti-semitic and anti-Israel. They are the most ardent proponents in Congress of the BDS movement which stands for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. Needless to say, the vast majority of their colleagues in Congress do not agree with them on this issue.

My sense is that our three commissioners may not have been aware of the “squad’s” propensities against Israel and the Jewish people. But as I mentioned above, I believe they made a poor choice in their selection of which Trump comment to use as an excuse to resign from the Republican Party.

Bob Youngerman



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