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We Can't Eat Asphalt


Last updated 9/14/2020 at 3:51pm

Sure, we can cram a lot of city folks and flatlanders in here, but they are going to try to boss us around.. They will bring bulldozers to mow down the rain forests and ruin the rain part, the hydrologic ecosystem that have kept these mountains green for centuries and fed a million people with their bounty.

We who live in pine forests don’t need to buy a lot of oxygen concentrators. The trees do that for us. They purify the air and water. Their roots hold back and cherish the soil, too. We don’t need to build a lot of retaining walls unless we want to. We don’t need to shatter the planet’s crust for oil and gasses to burn. The sun does all our warming. Fruit falls out of the trees. Groceries grow out of the ground. Thanksgiving turkeys grow wild around our streams. We have enough to go around now.

But we can ruin all this if we get greedy for that dollar whose worth is controlled by strangers in other countries. I’ve met millionaires who turned to paupers in a flash because some wizard on Wall Street said so.

Our true security to keep alive those bodies is the living land. Nothing else can guarantee the survival of generations to come. We can’t eat asphalt.

Elizabeth Reshower

Pisgah Forest


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