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Plan B Makes Sense


Last updated 9/16/2020 at 4:36pm

During a recent City Council site visit to the property on Deerlake Road designated for a retiree and worker housing development, the developer submitted a plan option with many positive aspects. Plan B is a realistic recognition of risk and an opportunity to improve the development. This project needs to succeed. Failure would be bad for workers, our city and a disaster for surrounding neighborhoods.

The developer proposed to reduce the density of the development and build it within the current R8 zoning level. This will prevent Brevard from being known as a city willing to abandon existing neighborhoods in order to raise zoning levels in support of high-density developments – not what current owners or prospective homebuyers are seeking.

The reduced density provides adequate parking and frees up space that could be used to include amenities for retirees, workers and their children. There are no public parks or playgrounds in proximity to the development.

The reduced density will also make the development more attractive to retirees considering renting a duplex. Plan B reduces the number of apartments but still provides 54 units for the developers’ workers and excess could be rented to other working families.

The plan will reduce long term traffic congestion on Deerlake Road. It lessens the post-construction impact on Deerlake Village, Fortune Cove and Straus Park quality of life and property values.

Plan B makes sense. It can make this project a model for future developments. The City Council should approve Plan B or make it a condition of Plan A PDD approval.

John Brown and The

Deerlake Village CommunityAssociation Board &

Advisory Committee


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