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Last updated 9/21/2020 at 3:35pm

Talk about a breath of fresh air! I haven’t been this thrilled for a county commissioner candidate since I moved here in 2011. Not only is Doug Miller a down to earth, sensible candidate, with a strong technical background in computer science, he embodies Transylvania County values. I trust him with our county. I trust him to work with all of the commissioners and most importantly to represent all of our county residents.

In 2020, access to fast, reliable and affordable internet should be a basic right. It’s the difference between connecting to the world, running a business from home, educating our children and not.

Not only is Doug Miller the best choice for county commissioner in the two-way race for the late Will Cathey’s seat, but Doug’s opponent embodies everything that is wrong with Transylvania County. As a manager of a small business in Brevard, the pandemic has put incredible pressure on our team to make sure our guests and staff are as safe as possible while also trying to keep our business afloat. I took it as incredibly irresponsible and dangerous when Jake Dalton made his decision to open his gym early and against our governor and Health Department orders and guidelines. Do we really want some that selfish and dangerous as a county commissioner?

Beyond his brazen irresponsibility and disregard for the safety and health of our county residents, he appeared bored and distracted during every Zoom debate I’ve watched. I also witnessed him unable to answer basic questions about his vision for the county.

Doug Miller is a strong contrast to the vague and unqualified alternative Jake Dalton. Look for no further proof of the need for better internet connectivity in our county than at how many times Jake’s signal cut out during the last debate. Even Jake Dalton would benefit from Doug Miller being one of our next county commissioners.

Eric Janoski



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