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Last updated 9/21/2020 at 3:36pm

To all my friends who want to eliminate “socialism” from American society, as a trained sociologist I would like to clarify the term and show what it would mean to eliminate the American variety of it.

In the simplest of terms, socialism is a governmental system in which the government takes control of the county’s economy and conducts programs with the money it takes from its citizens. I think what we have now in this country is what is referred to as “Democratic Socialism.” It is not the more radical form the Russians, Chinese or Venezuelans have. If the American form of socialism is abandoned, we would need to eliminate the following – all supported by your tax dollars and operated by national, state and local governments:

•Medicare and Medicaid

•Social Security

•The Post Office

•The VA hospitals

•Centers for Disease Control

•Federal Drug Administration

•National highway construction and maintenance

•The military – national defense

•Air traffic control

•Immigration control

•Mental hospitals

•Economic support and development.

A little closer to home, taxpayers’ money is taken by the local government to support:

•Police - supported by your tax dollars

•Fire Department - supported by your tax dollars

•Water supply and purification - supported by your tax dollars

•Trash collection - supported by your tax dollars

•Street maintenance - supported by your tax dollars

•Sewer collection and disposal - supported by your tax dollars.

If one wants to eliminate socialism, one needs to decide which of the above services they prefer to be rid of. What’s the plan for a replacement?

Bud Shapard

Pisgah Forest


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