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Attacking Democracy's Foundation


Last updated 9/28/2020 at 3:15pm

Donald Trump’s refusal to say that he will accept a peaceful transition of power is disturbing. For months he has been stating that the election will be compromised by fraud. He and the Republican Party have been making concerted efforts to suppress voting, especially mail-in voting. His legal team has been looking into ways to invalidate the popular vote in states controlled by Republican legislatures. He has already said that the Supreme Court will need to decide the election, and that any demonstrations that are held to protest his “victory” will be put down by force.

All of this is an attack on the fundamentals of our democracy. At what point will Republican political leaders, and especially our two North Carolina Senators, stand up to this challenge?

Too many lines have already been crossed by their passivity. They need to exercise the responsibility we have entrusted to them.

Richard Kunz



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