Elderly Are 'Collateral Damage'


Last updated 9/28/2020 at 3:09pm

Our president has told us not to worry about the virus; mostly the elderly, who often have physical deficits, die. Being elderly, this is not good news. While I am ready to die in the natural course of things, I am in no hurry to leave this life. I am healthy, and I work hard to maintain that health. However, because immune systems deteriorate over time, I am vulnerable to the more devastating effects of COVID-19. I fear I am seen as collateral damage by those who think we can ignore our way back to“normal.”

I want to remind my neighbors that as a 76-year-old I am a vital member of our community. I worked from the age of 16 to age 70 and had a successful career as a psychotherapist. I married and raised two boys who are now successful men, and I have a grandchild I adore. When I retired I finally had the time to involve myself with other things I enjoyed besides work, like travel, music, crafts and reading. My husband and I moved to this area because of the Brevard Music Center, which we support as season subscription holders.

These last years have been some of my best. I have good health for my age, time and adequate savings to do the things I enjoy. I worked hard to get to this place and I want to be seen as a vital person living a long, fruitful and interesting life, and not as a throwaway whose death doesn’t count.

Ellen Rock



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