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President Encourages Deadly Behavior


Last updated 9/28/2020 at 3:16pm

I write this in the hope, slim that it is, that those who are considering a vote for Trump consider this.

A Tuesday rally in Pittsburgh featured Trump pointing out to the crowd and encouraging cheers and boos to:

1. Reporter seriously injured by “rubber bullet” while doing his job at a March. [Cheers]

2. People against Trump don’t speak up any more because they are afraid. [More cheers]

3. Disparaged Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a standing member of Congress by calling her a “poor student who is a know nothing” and a “radical leftist.” [Booing at the mention of her name]

4. Accused Ilahn Omar, an immigrant who came to this country as a child and is now a standing member of Congress of trying to run “our country when she should go back and run hers.” (Very loud booing throughout rhetoric about her. The last time he publicly maligned her she had so many death threats she was afforded 24-7 security.)

I would be remiss if I didn’t note that of the few thousand attending, only those seated behind Trump, on camera, wore masks. This event, like every other rally, is classified as a super spreader of the virus, in case readers forgot his most abject failure.

What kind of man celebrates violence? And disparages members of an equal branch of government? And knowingly encourages his people to risk illness or death and infect their loved ones?

Certainly not the president of my beloved county.

Lauren D’Alessandro



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