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Wall Is A Damaging Waste Of Money


Last updated 10/7/2020 at 4:38pm

Checking in from Tucson, I wanted to express a concern we feel deeply about regarding the wall being built under this president some 80 miles away from us. As you know, Mexico is not paying a dime for this wall. We are. Taxpayers. Defense Department funds and other money used for the wall could be spent on pandemic economic relief, pandemic health care, fighting these fires (and doing prescribed burning ahead so that less fuel is available to feed these fires) for starters.

This wall is not stopping major drug shipments from Mexico. They are seized by Customs and Border Patrol agents at highway stops. Always have been. They use a truck not a backpack.

Building this wall has desecrated Native American burial and other sacred grounds without regard for their religious beliefs or even their property rights. The Tohono O’odham people, among others, have protested and been arrested. Wildlife that once traveled freely between our two countries, including jaguar and ocelot, are being stopped from taking their old paths which will lead to an inbred genetic population.

Wall construction requires a large amount of water for the concrete base, roads, etc., and historic springs in Organ Pipe National Monument are threatened with drying up due to this excess pumping of groundwater. We already have a multi-year drought going on down here. We don’t need to be depleting our already scarce groundwater supply.

This wall has already fallen down in places and only requires a long ladder to get over. We have very sophisticated electronic monitoring and drones at nearby Fort Huachuca, as well as the Border Patrol that can detect intruders. We could have enhanced their capability at a fraction of the cost without the environmental destruction.

The good people of our country who are paying for this wall have been sold a bill of goods that is false. This wall should be stopped in its tracks before further damage is done. Let us deal with border security in a smart way. We have the smarts. Why not use them. Please consider the above as you consider your vote.

Mike Judd

Tucson, Ariz.


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