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Last updated 10/12/2020 at 2:36pm

In the last several weeks, numerous political signs in the county have been removed or vandalized. These are actions reprehensible and criminal.

If anyone has any information regarding those committing these criminal activities, they should inform our local enforcement officers. These crimes should be thoroughly investigated and when evidence of guilt is found, these individuals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Political signs are a form of free speech. They typically express a person’s support of individuals without expressing any negative comments toward the opposition. They harm no one while allowing us to express one of our most fundamental rights.

In the spirit of free speech, The Transylvania Times will continue to print political letters regarding the upcoming elections until Monday, Oct. 26. After that date, no political letters will be printed unless those letters were received before the deadline and we have run out of room to print the letters by that date.

The regular guidelines still apply. Letters are limited to 350 words. Authors must submit their name, area of the county in which they reside and phone number. When making claims or citing facts that are not general knowledge, authors should include reputable source citations. We do not print letters that we know contain falsehoods. (For example, President Trump received hydroxycholoroquine at Walter Reed hospital and that drug was solely responsible for his release from the hospital.) Authors are limited to two letters per month. When we are aware, we do not reprint letters that authors have sent to other publications, nor do we print form letters or slight variations of them.


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