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Fear And Division


Last updated 10/21/2020 at 3:41pm

What are the liberal ideas that frighten Republicans so?

It can’t be spending. Republican tax cuts for the wealthy and already thriving corporations blew the budget deficit to new highs even before the pandemic stimulus.

Do Republicans resent buying health care insurance so much that they support dismantling the Affordable Care Act without a plan to replace it and at the same time reduce funding for Medicare? Shouldn’t Medicare be available to everyone as an affordable option?

Do Republicans enjoy the outdoors and public lands? Then why do they support an administration that sells off national monuments?

Would it be too liberal to help young people afford a college education? Too socialist to keep Social Security?

Is it the minimum wage that is turning off Republicans? Joe Biden wants to increase it to a living wage of $15 an hour. The current minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. That is $290 a week. Can you live on that?

I know what worries Republicans. They are afraid women and minorities will get preferential treatment when applying to schools or looking for jobs. Never mind that white males have been given privileged treatment since the beginning of time.

A fraction of Republican voters are voting for a sexual predator simply because they are confident he will put an end to abortions once and for all. Abortions are actually going down thanks to sex education and access to birth control.

Are liberals planning to open our borders to foreigners? No, but they plan to expedite the path to legal citizenship for veterans and children who have lived here their entire lives.

Did Obama take away your guns? He had 8 years to do it. The NRA launders money from Russia to promote the idea that liberals are after your guns. To sell more guns. Get it?

I understand fear and division. Our country has been divided since before the Civil War by the elites vs. the workers. They are still doing a good job of dividing us. They know if we joined forces we would be impossible to manipulate and defeat.

Patricia Bass



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