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Teen's Halloween Display Wows – Brevard, NC


Last updated 10/28/2020 at 8:27pm

Fifteen-year-old Alex Rivera said this year’s Halloween display is his most ambitious yet.

Rivera, who lives on Pine Street, in Brevard, single-handedly decorated his front yard with 31 Halloween-themed inflatables.

He said he mainly wanted to put on his biggest front yard show yet this year because he knew some kids would be disappointed that COVID-19 canceled many Halloween traditions and he wanted to bring them some festive joy.

He’s amassed his vast inflatable collection by purchasing all of the inflatables himself with allowance money, and he’s also turned his hobby into a Youtube channel.

Rivera reviews and discusses inflatables on his Youtube channel “The Infla & The Table,” where he has hundreds of subscribers and over 100,000 views.

Many of the inflatables are over 10-feet tall, and every day when Rivera comes home from school he quickly starts inflating his massive display.

Nearly every square foot of the yard is occupied by an inflatable. He said this year’s display took him weeks to set up, but now he said he gets several onlookers a night who drive or walk by to view the show.

Of his collection, he said some of his favorite inflatables are a 9-foot-tall Nightmare-Before-Christmas -themed inflatable that comes with a detached projector that plays a loop of scenes from the movie onto the inflatable itself and the 10-foot tall neon green Oogie Boogie monster.

Though the Halloween season is soon drawing to a close, Rivera said he’s planning to go just as all out with his Christmas decorations this year.


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