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Last updated 10/29/2020 at 9am

The commissioners have presented 4 options for locating and building a new courthouse.

Option 1: $45.126,778 including a parking deck. Construct a new courthouse on the existing courthouse site. I believe they should also consider renovating and, if absolutely necessary, adding on to the existing courthouse. The existing courthouse is a huge building and, and in my opinion, certainly can be reconfigured to accommodate the necessary courthouse functions.

Option 2: $45, 593,013. Construct a new building including a parking garage or deck. Location on

North Broad Street.

Option 3: $43,224,804. Construct a new building. Location on South Broad Street.

Option 4: $36,722,824. Construct a new building. Location on 14.7-acre site adjoining the Public Safety Facility.

I believe the costs stated for options 2,3, and 4 are grossly understated and misleading because they don’t include the commissioners plans and costs for the existing courthouse once it is vacated. Any option for construction of a new courthouse on a site other than the existing courthouse must also include plans and costs for the sale and or renovation of the existing courthouse. It has to be treated as a package deal to accurately represent the actual cost to tax payers. To omit plans and costs for the existing courthouse once it is vacated is irresponsible.

What are the commissioners plans for this building? The community should be made fully aware of the commissioners plans for the existing courthouse once it is vacated and the complete costs involved before any decision to build a new courthouse is made.

Could the 14.7-acre site next to the Public Safety Facility be better used for a light industrial/office complex rather than a courthouse? We are constantly told of the great shortage of such sites in the county and this site has the necessary infrastructure. Should it be considered?

We need a public referendum on where the courthouse should be located.

Joan Armstrong



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