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Last updated 10/29/2020 at 8:56am

I don’t typically write letters of support for political candidates, but this one time I am writing to my fellow unaffiliated voters to urge support for Col. Moe Davis as our next congressman in NC-11. My reason can be summarized in one word: maturity.

Like me, he is of a mature age. He has seen and experienced a lot of life in his 60-plus years. Equally important, he has demonstrated maturity in thought and judgment. Apart from his more recent work as a Congressional staffer, law school professor and administrative law judge, he served with distinction as a career JAG officer in the U.S. Air Force. Yet when he was asked to compromise his principles he chose, instead, to stand on principle, even at the expense of the advancement of his military career.

Throughout his campaign he has offered policy statements relevant to all who live in NC-11, including health care, education, jobs and economic development. He has consistently offered a unifying message to all of us, irrespective of petty political distinctions. In a time of unprecedented national division, I want a representative who will speak to the better angels of our nature.

By contrast, his opponent, Mr. Cawthorn, is both very young and quite inexperienced. He has completed no schooling beyond high school. He has yet to hold a full-time 40-hour/week job. And his behavior in the recent past has demonstrated a profound lack of judgment.

Let’s send someone to Congress whose career reflects significant education, training, relevant work experience – and maturity. I have no doubt that Mr. Cawthorn is a pleasant young man. If government is his goal, I recommend he start at the local level. For the present, I urge voters to put your trust in the experience and maturity of Col. Moe Davis.

Richard Benson



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