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Society Determines The Value Of Money

What’s New At The Library?


Last updated 11/2/2020 at 4:18pm

The following books are now available at the Transylvania County Library:


Clifford, Joe. “The Lakehouse.” After Todd’s wife was murdered he was the prime suspect; fortunately, he is eventually cleared. But now the body of a woman has washed up on the beach right next to his house and once again everyone is looking closely at Todd. The Sheriff, a town psychiatrist, and a divorced mother each play a role in determining who has killed the women, ultimately clearing Todd’s name. (M FIC CLI)

Haig, Matt. “The Midnight Library.” When one dies and before they reach their final destination, there is a library on the edge of the universe that houses infinite stories. The dead can read about the life they had as well as a story about their life had they made different choices throughout their time on Earth. Nora must decide if she wants to learn what things could have been different for her or if she is satisfied with what she did. (FIC HAI)

Matsuda, Aoko. “Where the Wild Ladies Are.” Author Aoko Matsuda retells Japanese folktales with “spirited women” characters who happen to be ghosts. One visits a home every evening to take a long, magnificent bath; another babysits and cleans while the mother is at work. The apparitions are trying to impress Mr. Tei with their “feminine passions” so that they might be recruited as a worker in his curious company. (FIC MAT)

Robinson, Marilynne. “Jack.” In the fourth installment of the Gilead series, Marilynne Robinson introduces Jack’s story to the characters in the Iowa town. Jack is the “lost lamb” son of the Presbyterian minister so it is expected that he behave accordingly. But his romance with a high school teacher named Della is fraught with complications. Though they are deeply in love, the fact that they are an interracial couple makes waves. (FIC ROB)


Eger, Edith. “The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life.” Dr. Edith Eger survived the holocaust as a teenager. The trauma of being forced to dance for Mengele, being separated from her family, and watching the torture and death of many people led to decades of unhappiness. But Eger went on to not only learn how to heal from such atrocities, but also to help others overcome the trauma from their pasts. In “The Gift,” her second book, Eger gives specific strategies to let go of what hurt you long ago. (155.93 EGE)

Goldstein, Jacob. “Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing.” Money is simply a thing a society decides is worth something. There is no rationale involved. Co-host of “Planet Money,” Jacob Goldstein, explains how “money is a made-up thing” that “only works because we all agree to believe in it.” Including stories of Kublai Khan’s invention of paper money to a group of cyberpunks who created bitcoin, Goldstein’s book is a solid history of an object that rules a large part of our society. (332.49 GOL)

“Guinness World Records.” A popular childhood-and-beyond favorite, the “Guinness World Records” has been published annually since 1955. The 2021 edition has new features that will interest a broad range of people. A chapter is dedicated to exploration, there are “try-at-home challenges”, and the purchase of the book includes a “free Augmented Reality feature” of the solar system. (031 GUI)

Reynolds, David S. “Abe: Abraham Lincoln in his Times.” To some, Abe Lincoln moved too slowly and, to others, too fast; but his peers recognized he was a “thinker” far-and above the “most enlightened” of his time. Lincoln had the ability to look at the culture before and during the Civil War to determine how far he could push the nation towards justice for all, including his understanding that balance between the North and the South was the only way to keep America moving forward. (B Lincoln)


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