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Edwards, Johnson Are Returning To Raleigh – Transylvania County, NC


Last updated 11/4/2020 at 6:09pm

Chuck Edwards

With the unofficial vote count in, Republican incumbents N.C. Sen. Chuck Edwards and N.C. Rep. Jake Johnson appear to be returning to the state house.

Edwards has won another term serving the N.C. District 48 Seat, defeating Democrat Brian Caskey, while has Jake Johnson defeated Democrat Sam Edney for the N.C. House District 113 seat

With 15 of 15 precincts reporting in Transylvania County, Edwards received 11,748 votes to Caskey's 8,121. With 67 of 67 precincts reporting districtwide, Edwards received 67,805 votes to Caskey's 47,305.

With 15 of 15 precincts reporting in Transylvania County, Johnson received 10,990 votes to Edney's 8,903. With 32 of 32 precincts reporting, Johnson received 30,215 votes to Edney's 20,500.

In a statement, Edwards thanked, "District 48 for the honor you once again granted me to represent you in the N.C. Senate."

"With the election now behind us, I am enthusiastic to get back to Raleigh to help get our state back on track," Edwards said. "Whether you voted for me or not, it is my hope to work with you - and for you - to rebuild our economy, invest in the future of our children, protect your hard earned money and keep our citizens safe."

Caskey said he was "disappointed to have fallen short in the race to represent the people of Senate District 48."

"We raised more money than any Democrat in recent memory, we ran a serious and aggressive campaign, and we finished with more votes than any Democrat in recent memory," said Caskey. "We also cost the Republican Party a lot of money and that creates victories elsewhere in the state. I do not want to let this moment pass without thanking my campaign manager, Jon Coulman, as well as his family and so many of our dedicated volunteers across all three counties. Many of these people wrote postcards, put out signs, donated money and time, and worked very hard to move the needle toward progress. Most of all, I want to thank my family because this has been a tough journey. They have been by my side every step of the way. Progress is inevitable, but it's easier when you have people close to you who believe in you. I also want to thank each and every voter who marked my name. I will not forget the trust that it requires to do that. Finally, I want to make sure that we all hold Chuck Edwards accountable. He campaigned on being strong on the environment. That's not backed up by his voting record, so he needs to live up to those promises. He campaigned on being strong on public education. That's not in his voting record, so he needs to live up to those promises, as well. He was given a lot of party and PAC money, so he owes favors to those people. Let's make sure he works hard for this district and not for corporate entities. As for me, I'll continue to push the ball forward as a councilman in Mills River, where we are leading the way with good, environmentally friendly jobs, new parks, and plans for a structured, vibrant and growing community."

Johnson did not respond in time for the story.

Edney said it's been "a high honor to have been a candidate for this seat."

Jake Johnson

"My team and my volunteers should be proud of what we did," Edney said. "They did their best. They all worked hard and they all lived their core values at every step. They respected each other, our opponent and our opponent's voters. I am very sad that we are such a deeply divided nation. Even a deadly pandemic is not uniting us. The election is over. What is not over is that 23 percent of the children in Transylvania County go hungry regularly. Earned income in Transylvania County remains among the lowest in the region and the state. Our schools remain under funded and our teachers underpaid. Our children are being shortchanged. Hundreds of thousands of working people remain without access to health care. It is reasonable to assume that a thousand of our brothers and sisters across this state will die each year because of the refusal to expand health care in North Carolina. Finally, our representatives will choose their voters for another decade beginning in 2022. Voters should choose their representatives not the other way around. Our democracy is being harmed. I hope that Jake Johnson can accomplish good things for Transylvania, Henderson and Polk counties. He has won the election and with that win comes the responsibility to represent all of us in District 113."


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