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Johnson Defeats McKeller In District Court Judge Race – Transylvania County, NC


Last updated 11/4/2020 at 6:05pm

Republican Gene Johnson beat incumbent Democrat Mack McKeller for N.C. District Court Judge District 29B, Seat 2.

In Transylvania County, Johnson had 10,134 votes to McKeller’s 9,682.

Districtwide, Johnson received 56,446 to McKeller’s 40,923.

McKeller said of the results, “I have been honored to serve the people of Judicial District 29B for the last two years. I will continue to serve them as an attorney beginning in January. Thank you to everyone who supported me in my campaign.”

Johnson did not respond by press time.

For the N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice seat, there were two races for Seat 2 and 4, with Phil Berger, a Republican, winning Seat 2, and Tamara Barringer, a Republican, winning Seat 4.

In Transylvania County, Berger received 11,484 votes to Lucy Inman’s 8,309.

Statewide, Berger received 2,698,424 to Inman’s 2,624,144 votes.

For Seat 4, Tamara Barringer, a Republican, beat Mark Davis, a Democrat.

In Transylvania County, Barringer received 11,493 votes to Mark Davis’ 8,293.

Statewide, Barringer received 2,720,036 votes to Davis’ 2,589,411.

There were five partisan races for the N.C. Court of Appeals Seats 4,5,6,7 and 13.

April Wood, a Republican, won Seat 4.

In Transylvania County, Wood received 11,608 votes to Democrat Tricia Shields 8,123. Statewide, Barringer received 2,720,036 votes to Davis’ 2,589,411.

Fred Gore, Chris Dillon, Jeff Carpenter and Jefferson Griffin, all Republicans, won seats 5,6,7 and 13, respectively.

In Transylvania County, Gore received 11,591 votes to Democrat Lora Christine Cubbage’s 8,131. Statewide, Gore received 2,710,332 to Cubbage’s 2,573,425.

In Transylvania County, Dillon received 11,730 votes to Gray Styers’ 7,945.

Statewide, Dillon received 2,742,823 votes to Styers’ 2,534,635.

In Transylvania County, Carpenter received 11,632 votes to Democrat Reuben Young’s 8,047. Statewide, Carpenter received 2,721,358 votes to Young’s 2,551,167.

In Transylvania County, Griffin received 11,471 votes to Democrat Chris Brook’s 8,184. Statewide, Griffin received 2,695,066 votes to Brook’s 2,570,578.


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