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Jameson's Joy Fitness Course


Last updated 11/11/2020 at 10:09pm

Yesterday, after picking up my 5-year-old granddaughter from school, I thought a visit to the new Jameson’s Joy Fitness Park was in order, especially due to the fact that Ninja moves are her latest interest. What I observed the nearly two hours we were there was the fulfillment of the vision I’ve been reading about since Jameson’s friends and family created Jameson’s Joy.

I watched children teaching and encouraging one another as skills were attempted. Kindness was modeled in taking turns and clearing the way. I chuckled at the imagination of one snaggle-toothed redhead inviting others to be a leopard or baby bobcat and scamper across the rope bridge.

Upon heading home, my granddaughter was joyful she successfully navigated the first obstacle. I found myself unexpectedly joyful to have witnessed such kindness and delight amongst our younger residents in Transylvania County.

Thank you to the special people in Jameson’s life for making this possible!

Carrie Anderson

Dunn’s Rock


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