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Time To Concede


Last updated 11/23/2020 at 3:53pm

Am I missing something on this election cycle? I am trying to use logic, rationality, and facts when I see things I do not understand…all of these thinking tools used to be called the positive character trait colloquialism of “common sense.” Perhaps this time I’m thinking too hard while the answer is right in front of me.

Are we not living in a Constitutional Democratic Republic? Don’t these elections and the people that run for office come and go every few years? Is this not just another election where a mortal man ran for the highest office in the land, convinced a bunch of people he is the greatest gift since the invention of baked bread while many others disagree and he lost by all measurements of our state’s and federal Constitution’s prescribed format?

It is sad but true that we have had dozens of these very divisive elections in our country. Yet we do move forward. Are we now going to throw out all that has been achieved, all that we and all people’s before us sacrificed that also believed in the pursuit of happiness because one man says it’s all a conspiracy against him alone? Almost all of the people that were involved in the voting process were generally common people. Not super rich, nor otherwise ingratiated, nor famous or powerful “influencers.” From poll watchers to professional election officials to the U.S. voter, most have either taken a formal oath or at least committed to the simple concepts of truth, honesty and fair play.

Though I don’t particularly like the political positioning of many of our elected officials in high government right now, never mind the hangers-on or the lawyers, I find no surprises in their behavior, that once again they succeed in only moving to the direction their base wants to hear from them. Truly “Any way the winds of popular thought blow.” It is time for the rest of us to get on with our lives as “time is a-wastin’.”

I offer a simple and direct message: Mr. President, You, like many before you, have lost. The election was fair, the people have spoken. Be a gentleman and concede. Return to being the “common man.”

Clint Jergensen



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