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Last updated 12/7/2020 at 2:24pm

Why was there not an access driveway constructed from Asheville Highway to the W4 Car Wash Express on 391 Asheville Highway?

According to City of Brevard Planning Director Paul Ray, there had once been an access driveway when the property was occupied by Sagebrush Steakhouse; however, the driveway itself was nonconforming because it was too close to the intersection and too close to the neighborhood driveway, violating both Department of Transportation (DOT) and the city of Brevard’s own codes.

“There is a certain proximity that DOT and the City of Brevard requires, a distant separation between curb cuts and intersections,” Ray said

Ray contacted W4 Car Wash and suggested that it join with CVS Pharmacy at 371 Asheville Highway and share a driveway, with an agreement to beautify and landscape the existing CVS driveway and share one entrance for the two businesses.

The carwash agreed to these terms and later told Ray they brokered an agreement with CVS to share their driveway. The carwash closed the former Sagebrush Driveway due to its close proximity to the CVS driveway. “You can’t have two driveways that close together on a busy road because cars can pull out and crash into one another, which is the second reason DOT and the city couldn’t approve,” Ray said.

CVS submitted a new access management plan, and the city and DOT approved them.

“The car wash was orignially going to have two entrances: one with CVS off of Asheville Highway, and then one on its own on Deerlake Road,” he said.

However, midway through development, CVS withdrew from the project of granting the easement the carwash an easement to share their driveway.

Because W4 Car Wash gave up its entrance off Asheville Highway in the deal to share the driveway with CVS, it was left with the access driveway off Deerlake Road, because DOT and the city said it couldn’t permit the access driveway off of Asheville Highway, and it closed it off due to its technical nonconformity.

“Most businesses don’t need two forms of access, though, but the car wash wanted it, and we wanted it for them, for better circulation, but they just didn’t have the room to have its own driveway off of Asheville Highway,” Ray said.


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