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The Two Calls For Peace


Last updated 12/7/2020 at 2:40pm

Christmas time has arrived and the long-time tradition of Carr’s Hill Baptist Church of putting out their manger scene and powerful sign over it just below the old church on the hill is here. Lighted at night and beautiful during the day, the words light not only the Greenville Highway but also Becky Mountain Road and the hearts of many of us who experience the words “Peace On Earth.” Within the Christian faith, the reference is to the coming of the Christ child and hoped for peace amongst humans as a result.

During this very difficult year and deadly pandemic, so many families and communities are not only not at peace, but are worried and divided, not finding inner peace or outer peace. The message on that hill is thus even more needed and powerful.

Just a few feet away on that hill, on the other side of the historic church, is another reminder of peace – the cemetery where generations of our families lie in peace. In German speaking Europe, the actual word for cemetery is “Friedhof” or court-yard of peace. The name “Frieda” means peace. Our relatives lying there have found peace, often from suffering and life turmoil.

That call to look for and work toward peace is with us still and the Carr’s Hill sign reminds us warmly and kindly that God’s call is to work toward peace in the world beginning with ourselves in our own community. Final physical peace from suffering will come only in the Friedhof, the cemetery, but we live in the community called Transylvania, and can watch and work toward peace around us. Thank you Carr’s Hill for that needed reminder.

G. Keith Parker

Dunn’s Rock


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