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Preventative Measures Aid Economic Recovery


Last updated 12/22/2020 at 9:55am

Regarding some of Mr. Cole’s questions in the Dec. 17 issue of The Transylvania Times T: COVID-19 “escapes” from a Level 4 BIO Lab in China.

The story that the COVID-19 virus escaped from a Chinese laboratory originated from a 2018 State Department cable expressing alarm at the absence of safety personnel in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The cable was leaked, and the story was picked up in April 2020 by several news outlets. The Washington Post updated the story on July 17, quoting scientists in different institutions saying that while the origin of the virus is uncertain, it is consistent with a natural spread from wildlife to humans, and there is no evidence to support the escaped-from-the-lab speculation.

What about the people looting and rioting who did not wear masks? Are they still alive?

The logic in this question is equivalent to asking: If orangutans live in Africa, why are there so many cats in Japan? The author might just as well have asked: What about the hundreds of people whose COVID-19 illnesses and deaths have been traced to mask-less Trump rallies and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? We don’t know if mask-less looters caught COVID-19. I doubt if the well dressed, mask-less white men filmed crashing their skateboards through a store’s windows want to talk to contact tracers. Nor do we know how many Proud Boys became sick from their rampage through Washington, D.C., last weekend.

Yes, millions of lives have been ruined from the economic consequences of this virus. We cannot get their jobs and businesses back until this plague is gone. The faster everyone adheres to preventative measures, the faster we can help them.

My friend in Scotland owns two shops. He has had to furlough his staff, and he hangs on in hopes of a better spring. He is able to hang on because the British government provides employees a cushion of 80 percent of their wages when their employers are unable to pay them.

Now is when we need the leadership and strength of our government. This is how we protect the vulnerable.

Nina Shippen



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