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I am a physician with 50-plus years of experience (over 35 years in Brevard). I am writing to encourage everyone to get vaccinated for COVID-19 as soon as the vaccine is available.

COVID-19 is a virus; understanding and trying to treat viruses is a huge challenge. Years ago, almost by chance, we discovered that vaccinations help the body battle viruses. Vaccinations are miraculous. They trick the body into making an immune response that throws off the virus.

Smallpox is a virus. In the 20th century, an estimated 800 million died from smallpox. With the use of vaccination, smallpox was eradicated from the entire world by 1979. Not a single outbreak of smallpox has been recorded in the entire world since that date.

Polio is a virus. Polio vaccine has almost entirely eliminated polio from the entire world. Outbreaks of polio that used to terrorize us filling hospitals and entire gymnasiums with children and adults on iron lungs is no longer a threat except for a remote places in the world.

We are in a situation unique in the history of the world in dealing with COVID-19, a new virus which is very contagious, difficult to detect and able to kill and cripple. It has brought the entire world to its knees and continues to inflict misery and death.

We have been given hope in this vaccine – a lifeline. Perhaps, think of us as being stuck in the mud and unable to move. It is dark and raining; a tow truck appears and is capable of getting us out of the mud, allowing us to drive away, out of the mud, out of the rain and darkness toward light and home and out of danger, back to safety. Don’t ignore the tow truck.

To have COVID-19 vaccine available is a true miracle! Please vaccinate and encourage others to do so also. Your life and the lives of those you love depend on it.

Ray Dunkelberg



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