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Timely Vaccine Information Could Be Medicine Itself


Last updated 1/13/2021 at 3:44pm

Mid-afternoon on Monday, Transylvania Public Health department posted information on its website and social media about moving into Phase 1b which offers vaccinations to people 75 and older.

I was told by several people who tried quickly to set up an appointment that there were none available. I’m sure the Thursday-Saturday appointments were filled very fast.

I know the county health department has been stretched beyond belief this past year and for many months did a great job keeping our senior centers virus free. But we need them to work with us now.

As we move into phases that require individuals to track down their own vaccines, we need more timely information.

The department’s website said, “Additional vaccination dates will be scheduled as more supplies are received.” What does that mean? Received from where? Is there really a supply problem or do we have a delivery problem? Why aren’t vaccines being administered at pharmacies? Are there any plans for mass vaccination efforts here?

If the department anticipates receiving more vaccines in coming weeks, why not set up appointments now? We can’t expect people to just make a mad dash weekly for a handful of vaccines.

I know the county is administering vaccines following state protocols. Yet we hear this week that the federal HHS is calling on states to vaccinate people 65 and over and younger than 65 with a co-morbidity.

Perhaps someone from the Health Department could sit down regularly with The Transylvania Times and spell out what we should expect over the next month or so, answer some of the questions that aren’t in the department’s press release.

Even though the situation is fluid, it would be helpful to clear up some of the confusion. After all, we are all just trying to stay safe.

Robin Phillips



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