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The Power Of Words


Last updated 1/18/2021 at 3:17pm

I’ve been there; have you? There are times I’ve said something I either instantly regretted or soon came to. An apology and expression of regret surely came when I made such a transgression. I, like most people, learn from such a mistake and either never repeat it or strive, not always successfully, to control that tendency to speak before thinking of the consequence of what is to be said.

Words are no doubt powerful. Just think of the words of Jesus Christ, his disciples and others such as Martin Luther King that have made changes for the good in peoples’ lives. Because of those words and how we have perceived them, many are led to act as agents for positive action or change.

On the other hand, others have intentionally used words to specifically hurt or promote actions by others that have negative consequences. Some seem to do so without any consideration that what they say is producing a negative result. It also seems that once their words are out, they deny any responsibility for how those words might have induced others to act wrongfully.

Our political leaders and others in positions of responsibility or authority are human like the rest of us. They are entitled to their beliefs and to speak out on their beliefs. We wish they would speak to the truth based on real facts as opposed to alternative facts. They also seem to fail to recognize that by virtue of their position that their words carry great weight. Some have the courage to apologize. Some don’t. Some don’t see anything wrong with how their words are perceived. There are those who continue with impunity to empower negativity by perpetuating and breathing life into untruths and choose words that only foster hate and discontent.

As a result, we’re left with Jan. 6, 2021. And it seems, the words continue to be spoken that some will hear as a call to do something most of us would not.

There is still much to fear for our democracy and human life.

Mark Habel



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