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The Right Is Assaulting America


Last updated 2/1/2021 at 3:10pm

The county commissioners have unanimously approved their “Constitutional Rights” Resolution. While it pretends to be inclusive of all rights, it is really about the Second Amendment – guns. There is absolutely no need for such a resolution, but the commissioners saw this act as a way of underscoring their collective support of the Republican right.

Anyone with knowledge of history and facts who reads Larry Chapman’s comments will see that he cannot resist making the usual spurious Republican claims about people on the left.

Chapman said he “can’t imagine anyone coming out opposed to what we are trying to do here.” He then read out a response he gave to someone who, he said, was “attacking” the commissioners.

“We are considering this resolution to show our support for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which are under constant assault by the hate-America left in our country,” he stated.

How dare Chapman, whose job is to represent all people in Transylvania County, not just Republicans and right wing conservatives, use his position to voice his personal prejudice in his blatant lie that these two great foundations of our nation “are under constant assault by the hate-America left in our country?”

They are not! What he falsely claims about the left is actually true of the right. If you have any doubt, turn the calendar back to Jan. 6 when Donald Trump and right-wing extremist Madison Cawthorn used dangerous rhetoric to excite the crowd of armed insurrectionists to storm our Capitol. These individuals acted because they were brainwashed into believing Trump’s relentless lies about the outcome of the election that he lost by seven million legitimate votes.

The men and women, wearing their MAGA hats and carrying Trump banners were not “antifa” or people on the left; they were Trump-supporting radicals planning to hang Mike Pence for “treason,” take down our government and quite possibly murder certain members of our Congress. Remember the gallows they built for Pence?

This mob of men and women showed no respect for the Constitution, no love of country. They are not patriotic Americans. They are traitors.

Pamela Blevins



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