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Last updated 2/1/2021 at 3:11pm

Recently I listened to much of the debate preceding the vote to impeach President Trump for the second time. I was struck by how often Republicans rose in opposition, arguing that impeachment would further divide the country. But they seemed to have nothing to propose to accomplish unity except not impeaching the president.

I’d like to suggest a positive measure that they might consider. All Republican members of the House and Senate could in unanimity affirm that the election that chose Joe Biden and many of them was fair and legitimate and that they withdraw their objections to the electoral votes of various states. They might add some words of praise for the thousands of Americans who contributed to the successful election ranging from poll workers and election security professionals, to secretaries of state (many from their own party) and many others. They could also acknowledge the many judges and justices (some appointed by President Trump) who reviewed and dismissed as groundless so many claims of voter fraud devoid of evidence.

I also listened immediately after the impeachment as the president made a statement stating that “violence and vandalism had no place in our country or our movement.” Yet, while the terrorist mob was attacking the Capitol he sat in the White House watching the rioters on TV. If he was so shocked, why didn’t he say something or do something? Just asking.

Peter Chaveas



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