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Last updated 2/8/2021 at 2:35pm

The election is over. Joe Biden has been elected president. I wish him well. There are many problems to be addressed, hopefully by bipartisan activity. However, there are two matters, which if unsolved, are extremely dangerous to the country. We have been down this road before. In 1920 when President Wilson jailed or deported thousands of so-called “communists” in what is now called the “red scare.” In WWII President Roosevelt put 200,000 Japanese-American citizens in detention camps.

In the ‘50s, Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy leveled charges about alleged communist spies in the State Department and other agencies and demanded censorship of liberals. He dominated the news and his charges led to the infamous Hollywood and other blacklists.

“McCarthyism” has now become the term for such activities. The cancellations by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms are no different. It is undeniable censorship, an attack on free speech. As Justice Brandeis once ruled, “The solution is more speech, not less.”

My wife and I are direct descendants of Jewish and Irish immigrants. We decry anti-semitism and racism. The constant recent use of the terms, “systemic racism,” “white supremacy” and “white privilege,” which have so far not required proof of specific acts of discrimination made against tens of millions of citizens, dominate certain news outlets and even administration executive orders. Polls indicate that 73 percent of Americans are against such generalized charges.

This nation twice elected an African-American as president. His wife continues to be the most popular woman in the country. Numerous large American cities have black mayors and chiefs of police. This continuous harping, without evidence, is extremely detrimental to the nation’s morale and is dividing us even more. In America, such public charges require proof. Americans do not want the government to pit one race against another.

As Attorney Welch famously said to McCarthy, “Have you no shame, sir?”

Jack Matthews

Osprey, Fla.


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