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We are a “two-party” family but bipartisan in that we live and vote according to deep-seated shared values. We are loyal not to a person with “R” or “D” by their name, but with integrity, honesty, compassion and experience attached to their lives of service to others.

When asked why he did not run for office, community leader Randal Lyday replied that he did not want to alienate others…he wanted to robustly and freely talk with all of those he meets and knows. What a testament for today!

We are interested in a party of the people, not partisanship nor dictatorship…one which elevates all people and does not exclude the few. One that is loyal to goodness, honesty and integrity, values that are “givens” in our family’s way of treating the world and each other; a party that reflects compassion for all and thinks boldly about how we serve others, whether it be in our profession, the community, the church, the family; a party that does not vilify others but holds up principles in a forthright and open way, that sees collaboration as better than either compromise or staunch “digging my heels in!”

We are looking for a party that does not exclude black or white or brown, old or young, closed-minded or open, men or women, church-goers or not, folks from other places around the world or the person in our own neighborhood. We are looking for those who are kind to humans and animals, soil and water and the air we breathe.

There are 10,955 Independents registered in this county. What does that say about our two-party system? Does it mean we are dissatisfied and wondering where we are going politically?

Are you also concerned and looking for parties with values closer to your own?

We have been in public service much of our lives. We salute those who take on the hard issues of governing. We ask them and each of you to put uppermost the values you and we hold.

Kae and Carroll Parker

Dunn’s Rock


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