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Blue Ridge Health Goes Above And Beyond


Last updated 3/1/2021 at 4:23pm

I would like to thank Blue Ridge Health for all the services and help they have provided during the pandemic. I have been absolutely amazed at their willingness to go above and beyond. It seems like they are one of the few providers in our county that are willing to serve the residents and address the pandemic. Hats off to them, and, sincerely, “Thank You!”

Also, a big thank you to Hendersonville Pediatrics for their help with my children when they got COVID-19 and other times they have been sick this last year.

To Mission Health, the county commissioners, and the Department of Health: What the heck are they doing? Why can we not get vaccines in this county? Other counties around us are working hard to take care of residents. Most recently, Phase 3 opened up for day care workers and teachers. Why is it that our teachers had to schedule appointments in other counties to get their vaccines? Only after a large number of teachers did this, Blue Ridge Health swooped in to the rescue (yet again) to bring vaccines to our locals. Not the health department, not the largest health care provider in our county, and not our commissioners.

Mission Health has all but washed their hands of trying to help people. I couldn’t get testing through my GP (Brevard Family Practice - owned by Mission), and they wouldn’t even refer me to testing locations last summer when we needed it. They were no help what so ever.

This is ridiculous and an absolute indication of failure of our local government. This pandemic is about to have a birthday. We have known the vaccines were coming, yet our county seems to be woefully unprepared. It’s pathetic and disgraceful. Step it up a notch and lead by example.

Andrew Lewis



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