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Last updated 3/1/2021 at 4:06pm

Larry Chapman’s response to Mike Hawkins regarding his submission to the commissioners for a Unity Resolution betrays a fundamental lack of judgment by an elected official and, again, calls into question his fitness for public office.

The tone of the response from someone elected to represent all voters in the county indicates a paucity of intellect, a lack of restraint and a descent into bar room “whataboutism.” The equation of the events of Jan. 6 and some loud-mouthed “socialists” braying at outdoor diners in Washington, D.C., is risible, as is using Glenn Beck as a source of balanced news. The real issue here is that Chapman and, in large measure the commissioners, are projecting extreme partisan behavior in the wake of Trump’s electoral defeat. They are still in denial as to election’s outcome and by extension the issues that I covered in my letter to this publication dated Jan. 25, 2020, primarily that the Trump experiment has exposed the deep-seated fears of white America, and the need to address those fears through enlightened leadership.

As an aside, it is time to move on from the self-righteous argument, often repeated in letters to this editor, that victory over the despotism of King George somehow supports right-wing orthodoxy. Spoiler alert; the Redcoats left town, and the mother of democracy is elsewhere, albeit facing its own challenges.

You have only to read the Constitution Rights Resolution to confirm that there is clear evidence that our elected officials are focused on the wrong things, namely political dogma, fear of change and alternative ideas and solutions (county economy and health care maybe?). The January resolution was a gratuitous and thinly disguised sop to the Transylvania voters who elected them. Those voters need to waken to the fact that they are sleep walking into a society where freedom and democracy will be redefined not by the “liberal elites” but by narrowly focused and authoritarian behaviors which curb freedom of expression and diversity of opinion and morality. This would be the antipathy of a totally free and unified society.

Gregory Ayres

Pisgah Forest


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