Supports Unity Resolution


Last updated 3/1/2021 at 4:07pm

Please publish a “Thank you, Mike Hawkins” for submitting “A Statement of Unity” resolution to the Transylvania County Commissioners and The Transylvania Times. His proposal doubtlessly represents the sentiments of many Transylvania citizens and other Americans who would welcome hearing those words endorsed by our county’s “4 Trump Conservatives,” as they recently identified themselves on an enormous local campaign billboard.

Commissioner Chapman’s response to the resolution, however, indicates that our present commissioners are reluctant to adopt the proposal, although it was submitted and is recommended by the well-respected former commissioner Hawkins.

Their position suggests that they either believe the election of President Biden was fraudulent or are concerned that their Trump supporters will turn on them. Either of these options conveys a narrow-mindedness in its lack of unity the present commission typically requires from Democrats and Independents. Yet, the “4 Trump Conservatives” do not claim or appear to be Republicans in the historically representative philosophies and actions of that party.

Colleen Murphy



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