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Local Camera Club To Discuss Photo Editing


Last updated 3/3/2021 at 4:43pm

This "after" shot of a heron provides more detail and color variation from the original shot.

The Land of Waterfalls Camera Club's 7 p.m. meeting on Thursday, March 18, will feature a popular Show & Tell program based on "Before & After" photo images.

Members will present their own unique photographic interpretations of pre-selected "Before" images by other anonymous photographers. They will explain what they saw in the original unprocessed photo, what they want others to see, and what techniques and software they used to create their "After" version.

The object of this program is to demonstrate that photo images can be interpreted differently by others and can be processed with creativity to emphasize the original theme, bring out other themes, highlight other features of the image, simplify the image, or to just enhance the photo. There are no "correct" interpretations, only unlimited opportunities for self-expression.

Members choose their own post-processing techniques and anything they want to do is fair game as long as it is in good taste. They are free to treat them as straight images, crop, enlarge, shade, texturize, convert to black and white, solarize, slant, reverse, realign, adjust color, add decorative borders, remove distractions, dehaze, darken/lighten areas, blur backgrounds, vignette, etc. They are only limited by their creative vision and the tools of digital post-processing found in Photoshop and Lightroom software programs, among others.

Editing techniques such as cropping and background manipulation are apparent in this photo.

Before the pandemic club members gathered together at least 15 minutes early to socialize, make announcements, then darken the lights and watched images on the projection screen. With the Zoom format members can still socialize virtually, share announcements, and then sit back in their own homes and share the video presentation. Members are free to mute their microphones or close their video feed while listening and watching the images on their own computer screens.

The monthly meetings, which are held on the third Thursday of the month, are open to the public and will be live on-line with Zoom for the near future.

Participants are encouraged to sign in at least 10 minutes early (6:50 p.m.) to check their connections and settings.

Non-member guests are encouraged to go to [email protected] a day or two beforehand for invitation and access information.

The club's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) meet the first Monday of the month for post-processing (Lightroom, Photoshop techniques) and the third Monday of the month for capture (taking photos and camera gear). Non-member guests are also welcomed to participate in these zoom sessions.

Visit for more information.


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