This Needs To Be Said About Tourists


Last updated 3/8/2021 at 1:43pm

As a local resident of Transylvania County, I want to tell the Tourism Board that tourism has had a negative impact on the quality of life for the locals. No longer can we enjoy DuPont State Forest as it has become way overcrowded. The same holds true for the Pisgah National Forest.

Local festivals have become a joke. What used to be a time to reconnect with neighbors and enjoy our downtown has become a mob scene with the Heart of Brevard charging rapacious prices for booths. The same holds true for the Twilight Tour at Christmas time. Most locals stay at home rather than fight the crowds. The Fourth of July fireworks are a miss because tourists cram every square inch of parking spots, so we pass on that as well.

Bicyclists impede traffic on Greenville Highway and Walnut Hollow. If you want to fish in the East Fork on a nice day best, bring your own rock to stand on. Out-of-state cars line the road and tourist fly fishermen stand elbow to elbow. Rents have become unaffordable to locals.

Now, for a fanny pack and some sunscreen, the Tourism Board wants the locals to clean up after the tourist invaders. Are you kidding us? Give trash bags to the few who are profiting from the tourist invasion. Give trash bags to the tourists themselves and let them clean up their own mess. We can’t get into the forests to enjoy a walk, so why would we want to wander around picking up trash?

John Bradford



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