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Emergency Services Took Part In Training Exercise

At Caesar's Head


Last updated 3/24/2021 at 5:16pm

Looking towards Table Rock from the Caesar's Head lookout. (Times Photo by Park Baker)

Several local regional emergency services agencies and others participated in a joint training exercise on Saturday, March 13, at the Caesar's Head State Park.

The training focused on Hiking trail familiarization for new first responders, injured hiker carryout and lost hiker scenarios, and information gathering and pre-planning for future calls for service on the park trails. Another focus was on improving working relationships between the agencies from both North Carolina and South Carolina that participated.

Another goal will be to draw the public's attention to personal safety when enjoying the multitude of outdoor activities the area offers.

Emergency services personnel recommend that visitors familiarize themselves with the area/attraction they plan to visit beforehand. This should include information about the area/attraction, maps of the area/attraction, physical capabilities required, operating hours, rules and regulations, time requirements needed to complete the attraction (keeping in mind that the area/attraction may get dark before posted sunset times due to tree cover and terrain), registration and fee requirements, are pets allowed, projected weather conditions during the entire visit, appropriate clothing needed, appropriate food/snacks and water needed, the need for flashlights/head lamps and cell phone availability in the area.

Visitors are also encouraged to put together an emergency pack that includes extra food/snacks and water, extra batteries for flashlights/head lamps, waterproof matches, a cell phone that hasn't been used during the visit, a GPS receiver and extra maps of the area/attraction.

Once the information has been gathered, visitors are encouraged to develop a plan, putting it on paper that includes:

•Sharing the plan with family or friends who are not going;

•Planning for emergencies (lost, injury, severe weather, vehicle breakdown, etc.);

•Assuring cell phones, flashlights/headlamps and GPS are charged or have fresh batteries;

•Making sure you have everything needed before you leave home for the day;

•Filling out hiker registration and route plans and turn in (let family/friends know the route);

•Bringing a first aid kit, including emergency meds;

•Having a whistle for attracting attention, if needed;

•Making sure that you take everything needed into the area/attraction;

•Staying on established trails and following the posted rules;

•Noting it a signage states it is unsafe or dangerous, it could cause injury or death; and

•Keeping track of your progress by noting trail color blazes or signs, trail intersections or other landmarks.

If there is an injury, don't panic, provide emergency first aid, and if you have cell phone service, dial or send a text to 911. If you don't have cell service, get your GPS coordinates from your phone or GPS receiver and send them with someone to find cell service or go out to the parking area to summon help!

If you realize that you are lost, don't panic, sit down and don't move. Check to see if you have cell phone service and dial or send a text to 911, if so. If not, get your GPS coordinates from your phone or GPS receiver and stay where you are. Listen for first responders calling out. Use your whistle to draw first responders' attention. Prepare to stay put for a while.

The following agencies were involved in the March 13 exercise: Cedar Mountain Fire/Rescue, River Falls Fire Department, Slater-Marietta Fire Department, Caesar's Head State Park, Greenville County Emergency Response Team (ERT), Greenville County Sheriff's Office, Greenville County Emergency Management, S.C. Department of Natural Resources and Verizon Wireless.


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