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Hypocritical Letter Revealed Lack Of Humanity


Last updated 3/29/2021 at 3:57pm

I am compelled to write this in response to the vitriol expressed in Mr. Hyatt’s letter “Go Back to Where You Came From.”

His words reflect hypocrisy and lack of humanity, qualities that have no place here or there.

He calls liberals “freedom haters” and against the Constitution. I would laugh but it’s too sad to take lightly.

Too many people with an “R” next to their names share the same qualities as Hyatt. They fear change. They strive for a homogenous community. They view liberals negatively with a closed mind.

Despite five years of frustration trying to cross the aisle and understand the world, according to folks like Hyatt, I do not feel he or anyone else who does not share my views should leave.

But, as a reminder, Mr. Hyattt can thank “liberals” for Social Security, Affordable Health Care, Medicare, a safety net for millions of adults and children in need, and the recent rescue plan and stimulus money. (Republicans refused to vote for the latter.)

And thank those with a “D” for eight years of Obama – a smart, fair, competent, compassionate president brimming with integrity. And zero scandals.

Lauren D’Alessandro



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