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I was delighted to see Jim Hyatt’s gracious welcome to Brevard that appeared in The Transylvania Times on March 22. He said I could go back to where I came from. But I’m an American and can live anywhere in this country that I choose whether Mr. Hyatt likes it or not.

I agree with Mr. Hyatt that the country is in great jeopardy. I think that danger comes from people who hang the American flag upside down (a military distress signal that distresses the military in my community); those who believe, against all evidence, that the recent election was stolen or fraudulent; and those who still display Trump/Pence signs in spite of N.C. recommendations to remove political signs this long after the election.

I am not embarrassed to admit being a freedom-loving, liberal Democrat who stands up for the Constitution wherever I find it. Except, of course, for Article 1, section 2, clause 3 ,that says a person who is not free counts for three-fifths of a person for congregational represent-ation. We all know whom that meant.

I have no objection to the Second Amendment and hope Mr. Hyatt enjoys his “well-regulated militia,” although I don’t know of any such militia that have been regulated or recognized in Brevard.

I share Mr. Hyatt’s admiration for “small town ideals and values.” I, too, like here the way it is. I don’t want to change here to be like there, but I want to help here and there become better, as should every American. I wish Sharing House were not so busy, MANNA was not so active, and that fewer people lived in tents in the forest over the winter. My small town values don’t like one in four children in America going to bed hungry.

While I don’t share Mr. Hyatt’s enthusiasm for conservatism, I am comfortable knowing that, historically, whatever the short-term resistance, conservatism always fails in the long run.

Jerome Mandel


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