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Let's Compare Apples And Oranges


Last updated 4/1/2021 at 11:23am

Ronald Reagan told people “You can disagree, without being disagreeable” Apples!

The Master has died and the Apprentice has been fired.

1987: Unfortunately, when Reagan relaxed the rules for objective journalism, Rush Limbaugh took the opportunity to make bullying and cruelty more acceptable, even entertaining, to his fans.

Limbaugh personally attacked people he disagreed with and called them offensive names. Donald Trump, his apprentice, brought that to the world stage.

Not being “Politically Correct” was their badge of honor but actually it was just an excuse for not being polite. Oranges!

2016: The day after the election, Hillary Clinton conceded that Trump won. She did not file any lawsuits contesting the results of the election. Apples!

2020: Donald Trump and his allies filed 63 lawsuits contesting the results of the election and lost each one whether the judge was a Democratic or Republican. Oranges!

“High Crimes and Misdemeanors”

1973: Democrats charged Nixon with the burglary of the Democratic headquarters. The Watergate investigation cost $26 million, resulting in 69 people indicted. Apples!

1994: Republicans charged Bill Clinton with lying about his extra-marital affair. I was amused that Republicans had a hard time finding a lead prosecutor for the Senate trial who was not guilty of lying about his own extra-marital affair. The Starr Report cost $47 million, resulting in 15 people indicted. Oranges!

2020: Democrats charged Trump with soliciting foreign interference in American elections. The Mueller report cost $32 million, resulting in 34 people indicted. Apples!

2021: Democrats charged Trump with inciting insurrectionists to invade the capital building to prevent the peaceful transition of power. Apples!

2021: Mike Hawkins requested county commissioners to put a Declaration of Unity on the agenda acknowledging Biden won a fair election. Apples!

Larry Chapman doesn’t seem to understand the difference between a violent mob with assault rifles attempting to murder our elected officials and nonviolent Black Lives Matter protesters. Oranges!

Commissioners who refuse to put the Declaration of Unity on the agenda for discussion are giving a green light to the KKK to recruit at Brevard High School. Oranges!

- Lisa Rodke , Brevard


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