Barham Posts $280,000 Bond – Brevard, NC


Last updated 4/13/2021 at 3:22pm

Terry Lee Barham, the man accused of setting several “incendiary devices” throughout downtown Brevard last month, appeared in court Thursday for a probable cause hearing, with his case continued until June 17.

Barham, 64, is currently out on bail after posting a $280,000 bond.

On Sunday, March 14, several “incendiary devices” were found around downtown Brevard and several buildings had to be evacuated, including First Baptist Church of Brevard and the county’s Community Services Building, while officers from local, state and federal agencies swept the area. Much of downtown was shut down for the majority of the day.

Barham was later arrested for several felony charges, including three counts of terrorism.

New details on the type of devices Barham allegedly placed around town are included in court documents. According to the documents, law enforcement found 18 devices in total, all made of various materials.

In a search warrant, Brevard Police Det. Sgt. Aaron Thompson described the device found outside of First Baptist Church as, “a San Pellegrino sparkling water can cut in half containing an ignited fluid into which a hobby-fuse was inserted. The fuse entered into a cardboard tube, which contained an unknown powder later determined to be consistent with explosive or incendiary powder.”

Thompson said the device was attached to a ripped piece of cardboard packaging, which contained the remnants of an address label that read “…ON ST/ VARD, NC United States.” This, along with surveillance camera footage, led authorities to Barham’s house on South Johnson Street.

In March, The Transylvania Times spoke with First Baptist Pastor Jeff Maynard, who said a member of his security team found the device just after it had ben lit and was able to extinguish the fuse before it ignited.

Some of the materials allegedly used to make other devices found were various cardboard tubes, PVC pipes, wooden or PVC endcaps sealed with epoxy and/or electrical tape, and a prescription bottle, according to the search warrant.

According to the search warrant, the majority of the devices were located on the southwest and northeast sides of the Community Services Building, where the Department of Social Services and the Department of Public Health reside. The remaining devices were located on the property of the American Legion building and a former dentists office, both of which are on South Johnson Street near the community services building.

The warrant also details what appears to be a man with a similar build and stature as Barham seen on security cameras near the time of the incident.

The document describes a thin, older white man with a hunched posture and slight limp who can be seen from security camera footage obtained from the Community Services Building and the county elections building.

The man in the footage is described as walking at 9 a.m., March 14, toward the southwest corner of the Community Services Building.

Then, the same man is seen walking from the area near the dentist’s office on South Johnson Street toward the Community Services Building and then a few minutes later running back from the direction he came along the same path.

Barham’s residence is just across the street from the dentist’s office and around the corner from the Community Services Building, where most of the devices were found.

At Barham’s house, the search warrant said officers found several items consistent with the materials used to make the devices found around downtown Brevard in Barham’s yard including: PVC pipes, San Pellegrino sparkling water cans, electrical tape and a bottle of acetone. Authorities also found a bottle rocket and a bottle rocket stem in Barham’s yard.

The warrant also states one of Barham’s next door neighbors said she heard several “loud bangs” one week prior to the incident between 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

After Judge Peter Knight issued the search warrant for Barham’s house, investigators seized several pieces of evidence from Barham’s house and vehicles including: multiple components of homemade IEDs, bags of activated charcoals, sulfur powder, aluminum oxide powder, aluminum flakes, potassium nitrate, a roll of hobby fuse, a laptop, an intact IED from Barham’s shed, and other various items, according to court documents.

The Brevard Police Department and the District Attorney’s office declined to offer any more details due to the ongoing prosecution of the case.


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