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Last updated 4/21/2021 at 4:17pm

This U.S. Forest Service helicopter was spotted taking water to a forest fire on Ross Road. (Courtesy photo)

In the Bible Mission

In the Bible Mission meets every Sunday morning at the Cathey's Creek Community Center, starting at 11 a.m., with singing hymns of praise and preaching with the Rev. Pete Lee. This past Sunday, Pastor Brain Hoxit brought the message. Visitors are always welcome.

Birthdays, Anniversaries

Several people will be celebrating birthdays: Barret Thompson on April 21; Maddox Owen and Melissa Thompson on April 24; Crew Holden and Kaeden Galloway on April 25; Angela Whitmire on April 26; Findley Hughey on April 27; Brenda McAlister on April 28; and Jesse Thompson on April 29.

Happy wedding anniversary to Eddie and Lue Gravely on April 28. Congratulations. Hope everyone celebrating their special day, enjoy their day and God bless them all.


Prayers for those who are sick or in the hospital, hospice care, home bound, and pray for the caregivers. Pray for our country and military.


The Brevard Memorial Schools Foundation Memorial is located on the grounds of the Transylvania County Library. The steps leading up to the memorial are the old steps that led from the old high school to the football field, where the library now stands. There is a tall granite rock, which came from the Penrose Quarry, with Brevard Schools engraved on it and is surrounded by paver bricks, some of which have names of alumni and teachers of the schools on them. Several people want their names and class engraved. The persons who did the engraving have moved. The goal now is to find someone who can do this.

The Window

Monday afternoon I kept hearing a helicopter, and then I saw it. It was a Forest Service helicopter, and it was going back and forth with a water bucket on it. Found out that there was a forest fire on Ross Road. I found out the helicopter was getting water from the lake on Forest Lake off Clement Road and then taking it over to Ross Road, where the fire was at. It was a sight to see. Six-year-old Silas got so excited watching the action.

Rent the CCCC

For information on renting the Cathey's Creek Community Center, please contact Joann Galloway at 883-3557. The community center is located at 131 Island Ford Road, just off U.S. 64 west. The community center is a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Send News

Please send news to me at [email protected], or call 883-8753 or text a message to (828) 384-0116. Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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