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Why People Run From Police


Last updated 5/3/2021 at 2:04pm

When I was younger, I was fishing on private property and the police came. I ran, got on my bike and got away on a trail that the police car could not negotiate. I was scared.

One time in eighth grade while riding our bikes behind an apartment house we saw through a window a couple embracing, but before we could see anything intriguing a police car rolled up. We ran, scared to death, essentially resisting arrest. I once, after a traffic infraction, ran and pulled my car into a private driveway, ducked down and essentially prayed the police car would miss me. I can remember being so scared that I was afraid to breath. I was resisting arrest. I was very scared.

My point is that an unarmed individual being served a warrant or being arrested is generally very scared. To run is an atavistic response to fear. I maintain they should not be shot and have their life snuffed out by someone who really knows so little about them.

I know it is a difficult job but killing some scared, unarmed person is too frequent. I am afraid that the police are too often seeing the situation as a personal challenge to their abilities.

I know the police are scared, too. That is why they shot a 12-year-old with a toy gun. That is why they recently shot a 13-year-old with a phone, not a gun in his hand.

It is a difficult problem, but unarmed individuals resisting arrest should not be killed. They are generally very scared and, as such, they run.

- Gerald Kilpatrick, Brevard


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