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Last updated 5/5/2021 at 1:57pm

Let’s take a walk through the previous 100 days.

I have watched our president destroy thousands of jobs; remove America’s energy independence; cancel the Keystone pipeline without coordinating with Canada; reinitiate the Paris climate agreement (the CCP promises they’ll do better—while they create dozens of new coal plants); reinitiate the Iran “agreement,” so we’ll muddle ME waters again (and recently the IRGC navy “swarmed” USCG vessels in the Persian Gulf—did you hear about that?); agree to a new start deal which does nothing to Russia but limits us; create the Southern border crisis and halt construction on the border wall (God help the border towns); boast there will be no new taxes on the middle class but gas has increased 60 cents a gallon; government single-payer health care is again raising its head; and the administration is forecasting $11 trillion dollars spent in the next decade—so raising middle class taxes may be in your future.

The Green New Deal is being pushed on the country. Electric vehicles sound like a good thing, but what creates the electricity to fuel them? Cost on average is $40-50,000 and companies are still looking for a way to dispose of the batteries. Is this program affordable or necessary?

The military is chasing “extremists” in its ranks. Establishing mandatory readings and classes on diversity, inclusion and critical race theory. The Pentagon has created the Office of Diversity, Equity (not equality), and Inclusion.

So with all the above mentioned, the president convened a Zoom Climate Conference.

Meanwhile, China continues to militarize the South China Sea, forfeit the Hong Kong agreement and thus democracy, “re-educate” its Uighur population, and shown a growing militancy toward the free state of Taiwan. Russia is beating drums in Crimea in order to “check their readiness” - which increased tensions with the Ukraine. And North Korea has upgraded their tactical nuclear delivery systems they see as key to their survival.

So maybe some things are more important than a masked Zoom climate meeting? Perhaps a cogent foreign policy? And perhaps showing a high regard for all American citizens.

Art Cole



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