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Another Example Of Tone-Deaf Life In A Bubble


Last updated 5/5/2021 at 1:59pm

In an incredibly breathtaking example of the rejection of reality, a letter to The Times last week declared, “I totally reject the narrative and unending claims that this country has a systemic race problem.”

For someone living comfortably in retirement in our beautiful mountains to deny the existence of systemic racism is almost beyond imagination. Almost.

One who refuses to recognize the history of America’s relationships with anyone who can’t claim European heritage might just as well claim that The Citadel in Charleston is the world’s foremost university center of intellectual thought and discussion.

A few cogent facts: The American Constitution actually classified black people as the property of whites. The Jim Crow years did happen. I lived through them, as did most of you. The non-white community in America ranks at, or near, the bottom of almost any survey dealing with education, jobs, income, housing, broadband service or quality of health care.

The sad truth is that we human beings, sitting at the top of the animal kingdom, instinctively need to find someone to look down on, to feel better than.

Try to imagine that you were born a minority in America in the 1950s. You would not likely be a college graduate looking back on a successful career. There would be no comfy retirement, only continued stress. There would be no tennis dates at the club, no cocktails at day’s end and no vacations to Europe.

Unfortunately, most of us are trapped in our little bubble, me included. We tend to only accept information that supports our own beliefs. That way, we don’t have to work too hard to separate fact from fiction.

The reality is that systemic racism has been, and still is, very much a fact of American life. Blatant attempts currently being made to suppress voter turnout, and to block teaching about the ugly truth of slavery in our schools, seek to continue that pattern.

It’s long past time that we, as a nation and a people, admit that racism exists and begin to make appropriate changes.

Under the skin, we are all the same.

Paul Morgan



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