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Last updated 5/26/2021 at 12:01pm

Cathey’s Creek Community Center

The community center is located at 131 Island Ford Road off Highway 64. To rent the community center, contact Fran at 883-8753 or 384-0116 or send an email to [email protected] News items for this column can be sent to this same information.

In the Bible Mission

In the Bible Mission meets at the Cathey’s Creek Community Center every Sunday morning starting at 11 a.m. with songs of praise and preaching by Rev. Pete Lee, pastor of the church. Visitors are always welcome.

New Hope Baptist Church

Vacation Bible School at New Hope will be on Saturday, June 5, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. There will be Bible stories, crafts, games, snacks and a hotdog lunch. All children are invited. For more information, call Pastor Lee at 553-5327. The church is located at 76 Goodneighbor Drive just past Harmony Korner Store.


Pray for anyone who is sick, in the hospital, nursing facilities, recovering from surgery or injured. Pray for the family on Nell Stamey Case, who passed away on May 21. She was 87 years old. Nell was preceded in death by her husband, James. She is survived by her children and grandchildren. A graveside service was held on May 26 at Blue Ridge Gardens of Memory at 10 a.m.

Book Sale

We are planning a book sale at the Cathey’s Creek Community Center the middle of June. If anyone has books they would like to donate, contact me or Cora Roess at 884-7324 for more information.

The Window

It started the evening before when my grandson came running in the house.

“I hit the well cover and broke the water line” he said.

Water was spewing everywhere; he was looking for a cutoff and I said, “Just cut the power.”

The water stopped running. He was really upset. I said that was not the first time that happened. I called my nephew and he came right over. I love that boy. They got the water line fixed, and now all is well.

Then the excitement began. The little great-grandchildren came running in the house all excited. saying Daddy found a turtle. I was thinking it was a box turtle or something, so I went out to see what was happening. It was this big snapping/mud turtle (I am not sure what it is called) and he was holding it while it was trying to snap at him. The kids wanted to pet it. We said it would take a finger or worse. So, he carried it down toward the creek behind the house and turned it loose.

This morning I looked out the window and there it was, heading this way. I guess he or she was going back to from where it started. If it was a female, she was looking for a place to lay her eggs. It’s that time of year. The neighbors got all excited and we watched it come through the yard across the street and back to its home. Good luck to it. We hope it will be all right.

Birthdays And Anniversaries

Happy wedding anniversary to Beacher and Becky Franks on May 29 and Alan and Debi Johnson on May 30. Happy birthday to Crafty Ladies Barbara Brubaker on May 25 and Fran Hudson on May 27 and to Donna Masters on May 26 and Alan Johnson on June 1.

Thanks for reading and have a great week. Have a nice Memorial Day on Monday, May 31. Be safe.


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