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Last updated 7/5/2021 at 10am

Let me say I deeply appreciate the article entitled “A Timeless Sliding Rock Offers Rejuvenation” on the front page of Section B of The Transylvania Times of June 24.

Written by staff writer Matt McGregor, the article shows the friendship among a trio of Times employees (McGregor, Alex Perri, and John Lanier, retiring editor) who visited Sliding Rock the day Lanier’s retirement was announced.

The three were “pried from the office” and they went to Sliding Rock, turning to this work of nature for “rejuvenation.”

I am sure there were many deep feelings being expressed, and I hope healed in taking the plunge in the freezing cold water.

McGregor talks about seeing the workings of change; he uses Sliding Rock and its turbulence as a metaphor to illustrate the fact that the “voices of the river” speak of “impermanence.”

McGregor says he has worked with Lanier for five years and he has “learned a lot” from that relationship. Lanier, he writes, was “laughing like a 15-year-old” and truly enjoying himself as he slid down the rock.

McGregor calls himself a “staunch introvert” so he does not mix easily with the bystanders, but he “rediscovered the connective tissue of the shared experience.”

He adds, “Here we all were after a year of disconnection.”

McGregor asks, “How do we savor life in a deeper way?”

Then he says we need to “make time for others,” even though it’s difficult because we all have busy agendas.

McGregor and Perri were not too busy to take Lanier on a healing visit to nature’s waterfall, and all three were rejuvenated. The photo by Alex Perri of McGregor in the freezing cold water, speaks volumes.

Thank you, Mr. McGregor, for writing with an understanding of how many of us feel about John Lanier’s retirement.

Thank you for writing about genuine friendship, especially since you learned the lesson in the frigid waters of Sliding Rock. You’re right.

The lesson is “timeless.”

Janet Benway



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