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Protecting Others


Last updated 8/9/2021 at 2:04pm

I am the mother of two children in Transylvania County Schools, a proud supporter of our public schools, a former teacher and the daughter of a teacher.

I should not have to provide these “bonafides,” but it seems in the current climate it’s a necessity. Why did our Board of Education in its recent vote to make masking in our schools “optional” for all students, teachers, faculty, staff, and visitors, not take medical and government guidelines into consideration? Why, on this pandemic issue, are we listening to people who are not doctors?

A friend and Transylvania County resident who lives with a child with cancer recently said this: If there is ice on the roads anywhere in our county, school is delayed or called off. We are told, one life in danger is too many.

The school board must listen to actual scientific facts, and to doctors, when it comes to medical issues like global pandemics and recommendations to keeping our children safe. (I can’t believe I even have to type this.)

Our school board should call a special session and revote on this issue, especially since the CDC recently updated its guidelines due to the Delta variant of the coronavirus, calling for “universal masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status. Children should return to full-time, in-person learning in the fall with layered prevention strategies in place.”

If, by now, we have not learned that fighting this pandemic is not about personal “freedoms” or protecting only ourselves or our families, that it is about protecting every single one of us – then we will never learn. Let us choose to protect even (and especially) the weakest among us. Let us love our neighbors, for heaven’s sake, at least as much as we love ourselves.

Katherine Crawford



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