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Run For Your Lives


Last updated 8/18/2021 at 7:03pm

Who knew that the radical right would surface in Transylvania County in the form of one of America’s most democratic, with-a-small-d, institutions, the School Board?

Chris Whitmire did this county a grave disservice when he got the state to require candidates for School Boards to declare their political affiliation. School Boards have been a bastion of democracy, encapsulating a community’s best effort to give their children the best education possible. Now members must split their focus between children’s welfare and the dogma of their political party.

The members of the School Board who voted to make masking at school optional are letting Transylvania County’s children risk severe illness, possibly death, by exposing them to a lethal virus. They have abdicated their responsibility to this county’s children to whims of a screeching minority that is captive to Fox News and every ill-informed opinion by any idiot on the corner.

What are the rights of parents with children compromised with respiratory or immune disorders? Do they take second place behind parents who can scream louder? What of the households with compromised adults who will catch COVID-19 from their children who caught it at school? Their decision has repercussions throughout the community. How can we comfortably enter businesses and restaurants in Transylvania County, knowing that our chances of exposure to COVID-19 have now increased exponentially?

The science is there. The Republican members of the School Board have no excuse for not knowing what they are doing – offering this county’s children up to the altar of their ideology. They have hurt the county at large, as the effects of infected households rip through our economy, fill our hospital and impoverish the people too ill to work.

Run for your lives. The inmates have taken over the asylum.

Nina Shippen



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