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Last updated 9/29/2021 at 12:17pm

I am writing to support Maureen Copelof in her campaign to become Brevard’s mayor. Since I have known Maureen for 15 years or so, I could say many things about the projects she has personally supported hands-on in our community, her military and management background, and how effective she has been on the city council.

But this letter is about Maureen as a person. Several years ago, when she was running for city council for the first time, I was working outside at the Election Center and saw Maureen nearby, greeting every voter who came in. One man bluntly told her when she introduced herself that he was not going to vote for her.

“That’s OK,” she said, and then she commented on the military patch on his jacket. They proceeded to have a 10 minute conversation about their personal military histories that soon transitioned into a talk about the changes to Brevard in recent years, and how hard they were for him.

When he left to go inside and vote, they shook hands. He still might not have voted for Maureen. But this is a great example of the kind of person we need as mayor, in a time when it is so hard for people here to talk about their differences, let alone agree on solutions to problems. Maureen definitely would be a mayor who would work for all of the residents of Brevard during these difficult times.

This example of Maureen’s ability to connect with people has impressed me since it first happened. Please consider voting for Maureen for mayor.

Gerry Azzata



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