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Last updated 11/17/2021 at 11:29pm

Before my school had become Blue Zones approved, I often found myself surrounded with a small number of people outdoors. There were many of my peers who were instructed to stay inside during recess due to not completing their work in time. But one day, I suddenly noticed that this had changed. The teachers explained to us that there will now be a designated time to redo or complete missing assignments instead of just keeping students in during recess, which used to be our only chance to be outdoors in a day. After this, my outside time was much more enjoyable for me and the rest of my friends who were no longer stuck inside finishing homework.

At first, I remember everyone being a little confused and skeptical about our school going through all these new transitions. But now, I have seen many valuable changes that have alternated the way students feel about school. For instance, after my school had become Blue Zones approved, many of us saw sufficient changes in the amount of time we were spending outdoors and not in front of a computer or screen. Now I love to go to school because many of my classes include time outside and we are not stuck in a classroom all day. The Blue Zones Project has given us more social time and more time away from screens which for most kids my age, is a huge benefit. I hope to continue to see such great changes and improvements from the people working towards making our community happier and healthier.

Olivia H.

Brevard Academy


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